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What is The Open Wilding Project?

The Open Wilding Project is the future of (re)wilding. We restore and develop spaces to help them thrive again, providing a haven for nature in the interest of the environment and science. With science and knowledge as our foundation, The Open Wilding Project provides opportunity for students in the environmental and health sciences to gain valuable field experience in a new, innovative conservation project, and to use for future study and research. Members can join our Open Wilding Student Network where they gain access to experience opportunities across the UK

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Our approach


Nature is complex and we replicate this in our approach. We evaluate the area and its potential in terms of biodiversity, providing support across all levels, from top predators to producers. We don’t have end goals, but instead, work on a constantly changing trajectory, identifying the complex patterns of ecosystems such as climate change and its effects on wildlife. We encourage predation, natural succession and support species that are threatened.


The foundations of The Open Wilding Project are within our scientific approach. We are formed of students, specialists and advisors in the environmental and health sciences and invite students within these fields to join us as members. This combined knowledge and experience ensures that not only do we support the environment in the best possible way, but also use it to help lead future conservation practices.


We believe that humans belong with nature, and so we encourage community use in designated areas within our spaces. We aim to work with local schools, providing outdoor areas where theirs may be limited, forest schools and designated learning paths to reconnect us with nature. We will provide eyes through our trail-cams and update local communities on the benefits of the project.

What land do you protect?

The land we select is determined by many factors to ensure that the project is successful for wildlife, the community and for science. We consider all of the UK and spaces where we can make a difference. The final decision is made by vote among all of those who hold a voting membership with the project.

We support all of nature and consider the best approach on a per area basis, as nature is complex, it requires flexibility and care. The UK Priority List helps govern our decisions and we work to ensure we support ‘key’ species and those that are endangered as well as abundant.

What species do you support?

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Students in the environmental sciences

If you are a student or have graduated within the last 5 years you can become a Voting Member of The Climate Corner CIC, meaning you'll have access to the rewilding sites for scientific study, access our Student Network for field experience, govern the company alongside other students and its committees and help the environment and wildlife.

Voting Membership is £4 per month.

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Work with us to create a haven for wildlife and support the future of conservation.

We look to partner with companies that share our ethos and values, supporting green initiatives and sustainable practices as well as the sciences that guide them. As a partner, we foster mutually beneficial relationships and value your impact in our work. We offer alliance with an innovative and progressive CIC, recognition, and assistance in developing a greener, more ethical company. We want to know what your goals are and find a way to work together, get in touch today.

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