Launched by a community of current students spread across the United Kingdom, The Open Wilding Project is empowering the next generation of scientists and specialists and protecting the Earth in the process. We are applying the Open Wilding framework to land across the UK to develop resilient and thriving ecosystems in the face of climate change, offering field experience for our student members in our own, and other conservation projects.

Each year, opportunities for student jobs, work experience, research and investigation become more and more difficult, with the sector heavily saturated with part to full time only volunteer opportunities that are inflexible and hard to come by, and employers requiring academic and practical experience, leaving graduates discouraged and eventually abandoning a profession in nature.


We are changing that.

There are 3 roots to the Open Wilding Project: environment, students, and community.



Nature is complex and managing it is no small task. We evaluate areas and its potential in terms of biodiversity and resilience. We then apply our Open Wilding Framework using the most suitable management style to achieve the goals of the project, the land and the community.

We don’t have end goals, but instead, work on a constantly changing trajectory, identifying the complex patterns of ecosystems such as climate change and its effects on wildlife. We encourage predation, natural succession and support species that are threatened.


The combined knowledge and experience of our student organisation, supported by advisors and leaders within the field ensures that not only do we support the environment in the best possible way, but also use it to help lead future conservation practices.

We work with each of our members to identify opportunities to help them thrive in the environmental sector, offering field experience with our partnered organisation and conservation projects, as well as access to any Open Wilding sites for research and study.

And as we take a circular approach to business, all of our learning is recycled by allowing students to then teach others what they have learnt.


We believe that humans belong with nature, and so we encourage community use in designated areas within our spaces. We aim to work with local schools, providing outdoor areas where theirs may be limited, forest schools and designated learning paths to reconnect us with nature.

Our Open Wilding Project spaces will act as a community space, offering food from the food forests, sensory spaces and  wellbeing walks. 

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Developed by Director Crystal Rosen and Dr Tessa Lynn, PhD.