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Make information accessible and open to all with our Open Articles 

We bring insight into the workings and science of our Earth, our home, in a way that is easy to understand, referenced and sourced directly from scientific journals and articles, ensuring that the information is factual and unbiased. 

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Strengthen the professional field, providing students with opportunities for field experience through our Open Wilding Project

Our conservation action programme, led by students, for students and the environment ensures that students, graduates and those changing career have the best chance of becoming an environmental professional. 

Each year, opportunities for student jobs and work experience becoming more difficult to find, with the sector heavily saturated with part to fill time only volunteer opportunities that are inflexible, and hard to come by. This leaves graduates discouraged and abandoning a profession in nature.

We are changing that.

Strengthen the natural field by protecting , restoring and developing resilient, thriving ecosystems with the Open Wilding Project

We work with nature to help it thrive and develop resilience in the face of climate change. We use a variety of applications including passive rewilding, top down trophic management, keystone species integration and horticulture to support the area. 

Reconnect communities with nature with our Open Wilding Project

Our community component is focussed on providing a space for people to re-engage with nature, participating in volunteer activities and using the Open Wilding spaces for learning, sensory, mental health support and for food from our food forests.

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Develop a space for holistic, naturopathic and natural healing with the Open Wellbeing Project

Guided by the teachings of indigenous communities and leaders in the naturopathic world, we are looking to create a retreat for healing soul, body and mind.




Founder & Director - Crystal Rosen

I started The Climate Corner when I found that so much of the information available online wasn't cited, was biased, and sometimes difficult to understand. I started writing articles, with my education in environmental science sourcing information directly from science journals, so that I could advocate change through science in a way that ensured the information was factual.
I founded The Open Wilding Project in 2020 when I decided I wanted to take action and protect the environment, that has science as its backbone, offering opportunity for fellow student scientists to gain field experience in a new, student-led project.

When i'm not working, I'm often found outside with my Collie, Heidi, who is the reason I fell in love with nature and animals.

I owe everything that I accomplish in this pursuit to her and my partner, Adam.




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